Launch of PerxPlus

Cioffe Enterprises is pleased to announce, PerxPLus a website powered by iBennie that is filled with savings across all facets of your lifestyle.  With the Website and APP, you will have thousands of instant savings, coupons and discount opportunities. There is no telling

how much you and your family can save.

Does PERxPlus include my family?
Yes, our discount website is available for all. You will be required to add your age at registration, so we can make sure you receive the best opportunity for savings in your class.
What does it have for me?
Our partnership with iBennie enables you and your family to have access to Local Coupons, Internet Shopping Discounts, Exclusive Travel Savings without having to pay for a membership, Cashback savings that puts actual cash back into your account, insurance savings opportunities and so much more.
So what’s the cost?
PerxPlus is a FREE service that is available for family and friends. Register on the website, then get the app for your phone ( Some discounts and savings will be required to download a coupon). It’s as simple as that. You can start saving now! We know you will love PERxPlus and making it your goto spot for savings on shopping,  entertainment, family activities, getting away and more.

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