About Us


We are dedicated to the long-term success of our businesses, and we seek to build relationships and do transactions with owner-operators that have a similar outlook.


Cioffe Enterprises acquires and in some cases, operates a limited number of quality businesses in great industries while providing life-changing liquidity events for owner-operators.


Our mission is to build long-term value for our investors and principals by:

  1. acquiring owner-operated, privately held businesses;

  2. facilitating ownership and management transition where appropriate;

  3. forming a high performing board of directors;

  4. making long-term business decisions;

  5. building and supporting productive and fun company cultures and;

  6. developing and rewarding high-performance employees

We do this for select companies that fit our investment criteria and would benefit from our involvement. We acquire one company at a time and put forth momentous effort to learn the business. Our detailed acquisition and operations plans (developed with the business owner to address their leadership transition, timing, and liquidity objectives) are a critical part of our success.


Thomas Cioffe (Immediate Past President)

Susan Molosh VP

TJ Cioffe (COO)

Richard Cioffe VP

Nicole Cioffe VP